Telecommunications –

Senior CAD Designer / Manager

Mr. Frisari has worked at E2PM for over 15 years, providing engineering design and construction layout services and has vast experience in CAD Designing and drafting.  His responsibilities include telecommunications design management and development of existing and proposed wireless installations.  He is also responsible for client development and customer relations pertaining to wireless infrastructure.  

At E2PM, he coordinates all project aspects with clients, construction mangers, contractors, and consultants. Drafting and developmental work of site plans and equipment plans for wireless telecommunication companies, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint, using AutoCad, Microsoft, and GIS applications to complete final products. He has conducted soil remediation studies and designed subsequent plans for environmental firms and individual clients.

Mr. Frisari is directly involved with building new wireless infrastructure for many large wireless carriers in the telecommunications industry. Projects have included rooftop mounts/collocations, monopoles, lattice towers, water tanks and other locations for cellular equipment.  He has also worked on wireless infrastructure built at existing electrical transmission towers.  

Technical Specialties

Project Management; Client Web Based Portal Utilization; Microsoft Applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, Vision; Autodesk Applications: AutoCad, LT, Map, Civil 3D; Adobe Applications: Acrobat Pro, Photoshop; Google Applications: Google Earth