E2PM was contracted to provide numerous engineering services related to the construction and installation of a spiral pool on Pier 2 of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

E2PM provided valued engineering oversight for Phase 1 Early Works of Demolition and Construction; designed drawings for the Spiral Pool waterfront structure and Sound Dam; prepared and instructed workers of all pre-excavation safety & environmental control measures; provided the value engineering for the removal of the high level platform on Pier 2; provided engineering oversight for the installation of Armorloc stone and Armor stone; created all construction drawings for the project; designed and evaluated a Value Engineering (VE) study between Geotubes vs Sheet Piling; provided various costs analysis for all construction activities such as stone quantities, Geotech tile, revetment mattresses and sheet piling; conducted monthly Soil Erosion Soil Controls (SESC) inspections; and conducted all survey and stake outs for the spiral pool construction.

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Spiral Pool Completion
Construction of Spiral Pool