In support of the development of the Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, New York, E2PM provided Construction Protection Plans; Support of Excavation Plans; Pre-demolition Assessments; Landmark Structure Monitoring, and Architectural and Engineering Evaluations of the landmark structures for several projects. 

E2PM evaluated and monitored the following architectural resources:  

  • Tobacco Inspection Warehouses, mid-19th century two-story shell of a former five-story brick warehouse, 39-51 Water Street (S/NR-listed, NYC Landmark).
  • Empire Stores, four- and five-story mid-19th century brick warehouses, 53-83 Water Street (S/NR-listed, NYCL).
  • Brooklyn Bridge Masonry Pier/Abutment Brooklyn Bridge Masonry Pier, 1883 (NHL, S/NR-listed, NYC Landmark).
  • New Dock Company Building (Early-20th Century three story masonry building, 1917)
  • Cold Storage Warehouses (The storehouses, first built c1876-1879 as part of Martin’s Stores, were once typical of the hundreds of masonry storehouses on the Brooklyn waterfront c1850-1880)
  • 1850 Multi-Story Building at the foot of Fulton Landing – No. 8 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY
A full project description of all E2PM disciplines for the BBP project can be found here.