The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC), a subsidiary of the NY Empire State Development Corporation, was responsible for the planning and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP). The approximate 85-acre park project consisted of the redevelopment of Piers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, upland and water areas, and stretches 1.3 miles of Brooklyn, New York waterfront along the East River. 

The park dramatically transformed a formerly large underused and publicly inaccessible waterfront into an important new public amenity that serves the borough and the region.  The park includes landscaped areas and ecological habitats; recreational facilities for sports such as soccer and basketball; a marina for recreational boating; protected waters for kayaking; and a limited amount of development essential to the park’s maintenance and operation, including retail, restaurant, residential, and hotel space.  

Since 2008, E2PM was retained as one of the project collaborators contracted by several Team Leaders involved in the development of the BBP to provide a range of multidiscipline services for nearly 50 projects throughout the course of the parks development. Tasks for many project sites have included: Engineering Oversight; Value Engineering (VE) Studies/Evaluations; Design Builds; Structural Design and Evaluation; Property Condition Assessments; Feasibility Studies; Pre-Demolition Condition Assessments; Vibration Monitoring; Seawall Investigations; Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPP) Inspections; structural evaluations, design and surveying; subsurface explorations and geotechnical and structural studies; Crane lift designs; Sequence of Operation Drawings (SOO) drawings; Bid Support; construction management; and reporting/permitting.

The December 2018 issue of Landscape Architectural Magazine (LAM) and the August 2020 Architectural Record publication provides details of this project with E2PM identified as one of the project supporters. E2PM was also highlighted for its involvement with the project in a 2015 Construction Today publication. For more information about the overall project click here

Aerial View of BBP

Example Projects

  • Pier 1 Promenade Pavement Upgrades
  • Pier 1 Granite Prospect
  • Pier 1 National Cold Storage Warehouse
  • Pier 1 Sheet Piling Monitoring
  • Pier 1 and Pier 6 Gate Houses
  • Pier 2 Uplands Sound Dam / Slope Stability
  • Pier 2, 3, 5, 6 Upland / Landscape Projects
  • Pier 5 Turf Replacement Project
  • Pier 5 New Dock Company Building
  • Pier 6 Upland / Pier Park
  • Pier 6 Warming Hut Upgrades
  • Pier 6 Jay Street Park
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Plaza
  • Squibb Park – New Park Pool
  • Former Tobacco Inspection Warehouse (Fulton Ferry Park)
  • Boiler House underneath Brooklyn Bridge
  • Tobacco Store – Brooklyn Bridge Masonry Pier/Abutment Brooklyn Bridge Masonry Pier
  • Former Empire Stores & Warehouses
  • Main Street and Plymouth Street Plaza Repairs