E2PM was retained as the site civil engineers for the development of a 5-story mixed-use building located in the Living Downtown Plan Redevelopment Area across the street from the City Hall in Newark, New Jersey.  

The mixed-use building along Broad Street consists of retail space on the ground floor currently occupied by an “IHOP”, “Urban Vegan”, and “Cornbread” restaurants with residential apartments above and a surface parking lot in the rear. The project was also designed to meet the requirements to be classified as an energy efficient LEED project. 

E2PM’s involvement in the project included completing the zoning analysis for the development, site grading and utility plans, stormwater management, lighting and landscaping plans, and traffic circulation plans. E2PM completed permitting for the project which included a soil erosion and sediment control permit, Newark construction permits and a NJDEP TWA permit. E2PM also provided support throughout the construction phase in completing site visits and inspections and replying to Requests For Information (RFIs) and construction submittals.

Newly constructed City Hall Apartments Building
New Building