Community Service Project Highlight

Rain or shine, it was so great to see so many of our E2PM employees giving back to the local Rockaway Community. Over the weekend, they all took part in the Rockaway Township Annual Fall Cleanup along Mt. Hope Pond and Lake Ames.  This is all a part of the Rockaway Township Clean Communities program which is part of a statewide strategy to prevent the accumulation of litter on roadways, beaches, waterways, parks and recreational areas. The Clean Communities grant mandates a three-facet approach to litter control – enforcement, community clean up and education.

As shared from the office of Mayor Joe Jackson on the Rockaway Township facebook page:  “The weather could not stop the dozens of volunteers who worked today to clean up around Lake Ames and Mt. Hope Pond. Thank you to our Clean Communities Coordinator Cara Sileno and the volunteers from our Health and DPW departments. Rockaway Township has some incredible natural areas, let’s keep them clean!” Link Here

Such a great opportunity for E2PM to give back to the community of Rockaway and to work together as a team.  Thank you to the Township for allowing E2PM to be apart of it. 

Published October 21, 2023
E2PM's John Ferrante, Daniel Cruz and Mark Patalive assisting with the cleanup activities of the day. (Photo Credit from Rockaway Twp)