E2PM is a multidiscipline engineering firm operating in the northeastern United States and offers a wide range of services to clients in both the public and private sectors. The firm offers licensed and highly skilled New Jersey and New York Professional Engineers and supporting engineering staff to assist with any project.

E2PM is comprised of highly experienced engineering professionals who provide civil, structural, environmental and marine engineering services.  Principal engineers have provided essential engineering and construction management services for colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, the power and gas industry, residential facilities, and commercial developers across the tri-state area. This diverse experience allows E2PM to be highly responsive to the needs of clients in both the public and private sectors. 

E2PM’s technical experience encompasses every aspect that may be encountered in a subject contract. Services include preliminary and final design of improvements, contract document preparation, construction / demolition support and inspection.  E2PM’s civil and structural engineering team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in structural and geotechnical engineering, site design and oversight engineering for complex building and infrastructure projects. 

E2PM’s engineers possess experience in all aspects of structural engineering from analyses of steel, concrete and timber structures, including foundations, roofs, floors, and walls, to concrete, brick masonry, exterior facades, and interior structural systems. 

Engineering Services

  • Architectural System Evaluations

  • Braced Excavations

  • Breakwaters

  • Building Code Compliance Evaluations

  • Bulkhead Walls Rehabilitation

  • Bulkhead, Relieving Platforms

  • Concrete & Steel Vulnerability Assessment

  • Crane/Crane Rails & off-loading Machinery / Equipment

  • Demolition Design

  • Engineering Analysis

  • Facade, Roof & Window Evaluations

  • Fendering & Berthing Energy Absorption

  • Finite Element Stress Analysis

  • Foundation Design / Analysis Ground Improvement

  • Load Ratings & Structural Analysis

  • Load Testing & Assessments

  • Industrial & Processing Structure Design

  • Retaining Wall Design / Analysis

  • Seismic Analysis / Vulnerability Assessment

  • Site / Civil Design – New Constructions & Renovations

  • Renovations

  • Soil Strength Parameter

  • Special Structures Design

  • Steel Tower Design & Evaluations

  • Stormwater, Drainage, Grading & Utility Engineering

  • Structural Performance Evaluations

  • Subsurface Investigations

  • Technical Quality Reviews

  • Temporary Structures Design

  • Underpinning Design

  • Value Engineering Support

  • Vibration Monitoring

Representative Projects