E2PM was retained to provide a series of engineering and site planning services for a $30-million housing and economic development project known as “The Station at Grant Avenue” located at the intersection of Grant Avenue and South Second Street in the City of Plainfield, New Jersey.  

This project is representative of the the largest mixed-use new construction project in the City in over 40 years and represents Plainfield’s first Work-Force Housing Community Project. It transformed a 5 acre vacant and blighted parcel of land that was once a developed commercial/industrial brownfields parcel cleared of all improvements 20 years prior. This project was the final piece of a two phase redevelopment involving the construction of a new 5-story, 90-unit multi-family, affordable housing building for the City’s working families. The first phase of the development involved the construction of the ABC Supply Company’s new home, a 44,000 square foot office and commercial facility for the expansion of company operations.

E2PM was initially retained during Phase II to perform supporting site plan development and civil engineering services. E2PM supported their client with necessary engineering tasks through the Initial Planning and Schematic Phase; Land-use and Zoning Phase; Detailed Architectural & Engineering Phase and Construction Phase.  Services included Site Plan Development; Local Land Use, Zoning and Redevelopment Plan Review Demolition and SESC Plan; Boundary and Topographic Survey; Grading and Utility Plan; Stormwater Management Design; Expert Testimony; Construction Phase Support.

E2PM was privileged to be apart of the official ribbon cutting ceremony for “The Station at Grant Avenue Affordable Housing Development” building in March 2021 (click here for details). 

Preliminary Project Rendering (Credit: Think Wilder Architects)
New Building