E2PM was contracted to assist in providing civil, structural, geotechnical engineering and vibration monitoring services for a soil remediation project at the Former Hammonton Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) in Hammonton, New Jersey.  The property houses the Hammonton Water Department (HWD) facility, an elevated water tower, an office building, a garage, five other smaller structures, and a former metering station for natural gas.

Due to former operations at the project site, MGP-related compounds in site soils were found in exceedance of stringent Residential Direct Contact (RDC) and Impact to Groundwater (IGW) Soil Remediation Standard (SRS). The sites Remediation Contractor (RC) planned remedial action that included demolition and removal of existing structures (i.e. water tank) within the remedial action foot print and also any former MGP structures. The proposed remedial actions included a combination of excavating 1,700 cubic yards of contaminated soils and treating the soil with in-situ solidification/stabilization (ISS) followed by excavation, backfilling and site restoration. The remedial activities resulted in an increase in ground vibration which has the potential to damage structures and be a nuisance to the surrounding community.  


E2PM was retained by the RC as a supporting third-party engineering and environmental consultant to the project. Through direct supervision of E2PM’s John Ferrante, P.E., LSRP, E2PM was able to provide assistance to the Remediation Contractor (RC) with structural engineering, site remediation, LSRP oversight and structural monitoring services for the project. Overall tasks included:


  • Reviewing all project documentation
  • Approving step-by-step measures to be performed during site remediation
  • Prescribed methods to measure success of corrective action. 
  • Preparing monitoring work plans 
  • Conducting site visits/inspections
  • Reviewing Pre-Condition Assessment reports
  • Conducting on-call as-needed services
  • Vibration Monitoring and Instrumentation Work Plans
  • Preparing Support of Excavation (SOE) Work Plans 
  • Preparing Final Monitoring Summary Reports


Remedial activities on-site
Vibration monitoring activities