E2PM was contracted by the Township of Irvington to complete several LSRP and Site Investigation services for multiple Sites throughout the Township. 

E2PM’s John Ferrante was retained as LSRP for these projects and Marianne Brody serves as the Senior Project Manager for all contracts, corresponding directly with the Township Engineer to coordinate the activities.  E2PM has been approved to manage sites as an LSRP for future Township contracts.   Project sites include:

  • Coit Street Public Works Garage – Retained as LSRP, renewed regulated tank certification; registered an unknown 5,000-gallon UST; removal, oversight and sampling of UST.  
  • Irvington Youth Safe Haven – Retained as LSRP to complete tasks and correct violations associated with an existing Notice of Violation (NOV) for a spill in 2015 (Preliminary Investigation, Site Investigation, Remedial Investigation/Remediation Action services) 
  • Public Safety Complex – Retained as LSRP to expedite a tank certification renewal and assistance with two (2) regulated USTs removed in 1996.  E2PM is working with the Township and the NJDEP to establish new regulatory and mandatory timeframes to complete appropriate investigation and remediation activities for the site.  
  • 16th Avenue Public Works Garage – E2PM was retained for design and investigation and contract administration services pertaining to six (6) non-compliant USTs and replacement of two (2) ASTs. E2PM prepared all bid specifications and assisted the Township with the selection of the contractor(s).  E2PM was also responsible for overseeing USTs removals, collecting required post-excavation soil samples, and preparing / submitting all necessary LSRP reporting as required. 
16th Avenue Public Works Garage
Sampling activities Youth Safe Haven