Sometimes even the least harmful solutions can have unforeseen consequences. E2PM’s client sought to use Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for a new 14-inch welded steel high-pressure petroleum pipeline across and under the Delaware River from Upper Makefield, Pennsylvania to connect to an existing alignment along Jacob’s Creek in Hopewell Township, Mercer County, New Jersey. E2PM was hired as a subconsultant to assist with several cultural and construction monitoring services throughout several phases of this project. 

To help protect nearby historic properties from possible impacts from the directional drill, open trenching, and the movement of heavy equipment within the property, E2PM developed both archaeological and vibration monitoring programs. Archaeological resources associated with the National Register listed former Somerset Roller Mill Historic District and the Delaware and Raritan Canal Historic District within proximity of the Project Area. Therefore, E2PM conducted Phase IA/IB archaeological investigations and archaeological monitoring during earth moving activities to identify and protect historic or archaeological resources. 

During construction activities, E2PM established a remote-active Construction-Phase Vibration Monitoring program for standing structures, employing cellular seismographs which continuously collected and observed vibration data at specific locations within and adjacent to the project area. Vibration reaching pre-determined action levels would send alerts to Project staff so that activities could be modified to minimize vibration impacts. E2PM’s monitoring programs allowed the project to run through full completion without impacting any historic or archaeological resources.