E2PM’s John Ferrante and Harrison Barany had the recent privilege of attending a wonderful ribbon cutting ceremony on April 17, 2024, for the opening of both the new Koinonia Academy and First Children School facility in the City of Plainfield, New Jersey.  Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, City officials, developers, the projects supporting professionals along with school staff and administration were in attendance to celebrate the completion of two great new educational facilities within the City. 

The Koinonia Academy is a private K-12 Catholic educational institution offering a faith-based and comprehensive learning experience for enrolled children. The project involved the construction of a new single-story multipurpose 10,700 square-foot educational annex to the existing Koinonia Academy located along Plainfield Avenue.  Along with the construction of the new annex building, the project also included several site improvements including but not limited to a new designated parking area, site lighting and landscaping.  The project was completed jointly by J.G. Petrucci Company Inc. and Iron Hill Construction Management in 2023, with operations beginning shortly after.

The First Children School project is a new two-story, 45,000 square-foot multipurpose educational center which is a New Jersey Department of Education approved private school for K-12 students with disabilities.  This facility specializes in educating students with multiple disabilities including those who are medically fragile, developmentally, intellectually or physically disabled, deaf or hard of hearing, and/or visually impaired.   Additional site improvements with the new school include but are not limited to a new parking lot for 148 parking spaces, a designated children drop off area, site lighting and landscaping. The new school building construction was completed by J.G. Petrucci Company Inc. in December 2023, with operations beginning shortly after.

E2PM was retained in 2021 by J.G. Petrucci Company, Inc. to initially assist in the creation of the site-specific redevelopment plan for the project and thereafter civil site engineering support throughout the entire duration of both projects.  Various tasks included planning support, site conceptual design, zoning analysis and project testimony, stormwater management design, detailed building design, construction support, surveying, local and state permitting, construction support and coordination with the City Professionals .  

Congratulations to the City of Plainfield in the continued growth and enhancements of their educational facilities within the community. All involved E2PM professionals with these projects are honored to help be a part of special education enhancement projects that makes the City of Plainfield proud.  Thank you for giving E2PM this opportunity. 

For more information about the Koinonia Academy Project, visit JG Petrucci’s project gallery here and read about E2PM’s involvement here.  Additional information about the First Childrens School project is presented here.  See more event details and mention of E2PMs involvement shared by JG Petrucci here.

The Ribbon Cutting ceremony was made available by the City of Plainfield.  

Credit: JG Petrucci
Credit: JG Petrucci