E2PM was retained to assist with site plans for a Mixed-use Development in Morristown, New Jersey.  The project included the construction of a building addition, parking area, and associated site improvements to an existing single building containing a barbershop and two  residential apartments.

E2PM was a part of a design team that prepared the application approved by the Morristown Zoning Board of Adjustment for both use and bulk variances to support a building addition.  The application included expanded parking, stormwater, lighting, landscaping design, and expert testimony provided by professionals at E2PM.  The building construction allowed for continued barbershop business and included new residential apartments.

E2PM tasks included coordinating and preparing boundary and topographic surveys; preparing a lot grading plan, preparing preliminary and final Site Plans, attending Town Board meetings, Exhibit preparation for Board of Adjustment meeting, preparing a lighting plan, coordinating and performing an on-site soil investigation and testing in support of stormwater dry well and preparing submittals to the Morris County Soil Conservation District.