E2PM was retained by a major utility client to provide municipal site plan application support services in connection with a large “Northeast Utility Reliability” project spanning several municipalities over 23 miles in length in New Jersey. 

E2PM provided expertise in the process of securing approvals to replace aging infrastructure and upgrade existing transmission lines throughout multiple municipalities in New Jersey.  The project involved numerous upgrades at existing substations and switchyards along the route to accommodate new transformers, GIS Switchgear and yard equipment upgrades at stations.  E2PM was involved in the preparation and coordination of local site plan applications for all transmission structures and substation improvements. E2PM staff took a lead role in ensuring that all site plans and reports were deemed to be resolution compliant to avoid delay in start of construction.  E2PM tasks included: 

Representative Switchyard wtihin the Project
  • Reviewing of preliminary project plans/local ordinances; 
  • Determining site plan applications and station upgrade requirements
  • Preparing zoning analyses, site plan and use variance applications 
  • Coordinating with outside legal counsel and professional planning experts where applicable
  • Preparing public notices and provided notice to over 1,750 property owners
  • Preparing regional site plan filings to the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) 
  • Preparing and filing Construction Permit applications
  • Management and Coordination of multiple jurisdictional projects
  • Weekly Programmatic Project meetings and Coordination meetings with project team for multi-year project