Since 2021, E2PM has been retained as the Engineer on Record by the City of Newark to provide a series of civil and structural engineering services for several phases of their New Hope Village cluster homeless housing projects in Newark, New Jersey.  These projects are located along Newark Street, North Munn Avenue and Elizabeth Avenue.  

The City of Newark has been developing and upgrading several project lots during several phases into clustered housing villages for the homeless through the innovative use of shipping containers as the basic building blocks for their villages.  As stated by the City of Newark, the Hope Village project “is a no requirements-come-as-you-are safe sleeping village where people experiencing homelessness can have access to shelter and supportive services including assistance with transition to permanent housing. Designed to attract individuals that are shelter adverse and have been disengaged from traditional shelters and supportive homeless services, the service model aims to transition chronically homeless individuals through targeted street outreach to an atmosphere within the village that can promote healthy living and a continuum of social service supports.

E2PM began its involvement with the City’s “Hope Village I” project along Newark Street, while more recently providing engineering services for their “Hope Village II” project located at 51-63 Elizabeth Avenue. Where applicable at each project location, E2PM services have included feasibility studies; site investigations and planning; concept planning; preliminary and final site planning approvals; foundation design; land surveying; retaining wall inspections/structural analysis/rehabilitation; Stormwater Management and Maintenance Plans; Hydrant Flow Test Applications; Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Permit applications; utility coordination; project conference calls; stakeholder meetings and construction support. 

E2PM recently had the privilege of attending the City of Newark’s January 2024 ribbon cutting ceremony for the Hope Village II project with more information available here.  

Hope Village II Project Site Posting
E2PM New Hope Village II Site Plans of the Proposed Project