E2PM was retained to support this waterfront redevelopment project at the former North Hudson Yacht Club in Edgewater, New Jersey.  E2PM’s involvement included the redesigning and permitting for the repair and redevelopment because of significant structural damage from flooding events.  

E2PM was contracted to perform the initial geotechnical and structural assessment of the damaged structures and develop complete reconstruction plans for the marina, including its bulkheads and upland property.  Since the site area is located along a New Jersey Waterfront and within the FEMA Flood Hazard Area of the Hudson River, the reconstruction plans were completed in compliance with the requirements set forth in the NJDEP Coastal Permit Program Rules, Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Rules and Flood Hazard Area Act Rules. The proposed reconstruction activities triggered the Hudson River Waterfront Area Rule, requiring the development of a Waterfront Walkway or similar conservation restriction in favor of the NJDEP.

On behalf of the client, E2PM obtained an Emergency Permit from the NJDEP that authorized the reconstruction of the bulkheads, so as to protect and stabilize the property from the ongoing erosion, while the reconstruction plans were being finalized. E2PM prepared a NJDEP Waterfront Development Permit (WDP) application in accordance with State and Local regulations, and the WDP was issued to NHYC, legalizing the proposed work. A US Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) permit was also submitted.

Initial reconstruction plans involved replacing the existing barge-supported clubhouse with a two-story structure, supported on timber piles driven into the river bottom. Through a geotechnical investigation, involving pile testing of the Hudson River substrate and land borings, and a structural analysis given the proposed loads, E2PM determined a cost estimate of the proposed redesign. E2PM also carried out regular correspondences with the local Borough Engineer and Land Use Official, county officials and NJDEP Case Manager.

As part of the permitting process, the State required a creative solution to extend the Hudson River Walkway Project (PAW) along the property shoreline. E2PM designed the 500 linear foot, paved walk that needed to be accessible, provide public access and views of the Hudson River while keeping the marina site secure and meeting the standards of the State requirements. Design for retaining walls, ramps, decorative fencing, paving, lighting and landscaping elements were included in the submission to the State. With the aid of E2PM’s engineering and regulatory knowledge of waterfront development, the client was able to successfully reconstruct their unique marina property that has existed along the Hudson River for over 60 years.  Since E2PM’s involvement, the NHYC no longer owns or operates this parcel of land.