In 2020, E2PM was awarded by the New Jersey School Development Authority (NJSDA) to provide mercury testing/abatement support and air sampling investigations for multiple New Jersey school locations. 

E2PM was contracted to evaluate school’s floors for mercury-containing polyurethane surfaces and to identify whether the flooring systems installed within the assigned schools could be emitting mercury vapors.  E2PM collected bulk samples from suspect floors from inconspicuous locations.

Following results of the bulk sampling, E2PM developed indoor air sampling plans and conducted the necessary indoor air sampling for mercury vapors. Floors that exceeded the indoor air criteria for mercury vapors were abated.  E2PM prepared Health and Safety Plans and conducted monitoring of area during abatement activities in addition to collecting clearance sampling to verify abatement was complete.  

E2PM has completed various tasks for the following schools on behalf of the NJSDA:

  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School (Asbury Park, NJ) (abatement oversight, air monitoring and testing – Summer 2022)
  • Harrison High School (Harrison, NJ)
  • Public School 16 (PS-16) (Paterson, NJ)
  • Marshall Street Elementary School (Paterson, NJ)
Abatement Activities (Thurgood Marshall)
Floor Coring sample collection