E2PM was part of a team of designers providing engineering and environmental services for the New Jersey (NJ) Transit during a bulkhead restoration project along the Long Slip channel adjacent to the Hoboken Terminal Facility in Hoboken, New Jersey. The Long Slip on the Hudson River waterfront is a third of a mile, one hundred-foot wide canal alongside the tracks at NJ TRANSIT’s Hoboken Yards, formerly used for shipping traffic which has been inactive for more than 40 years.  

After an extended period of inactivity, the Long Slip bulkhead deteriorated with areas of collapse or significant need for repair and within a region raised by historic fill material. NJ Transit proposed the restoration of the existing gravity wall bulkheads, timber sheeting and cribbing in several areas. E2PM was obtained to perform the following tasks in support of this project:

  • Bulkhead Monitoring – Implemented bulkhead monitoring plans to monitor horizontal and vertical movement.
  • Underwater Inspection – E2PM partnered with a subconsultant to perform an underwater dive inspection of the condition of the existing bulkhead.
  • Design for Bulkhead Repair – E2PM, in conjunction with it’s subconsultant, prepared four (4) alternative repair/replacement schemes for the existing bulkhead. Design challenges included spanning existing PATH tunnels running beneath the site.
  • Environmental Investigation – E2PM performed an environmental investigation  consisting of six (6) soil borings and four (4) test wells. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation – E2PM assisted with performing a geotechnical investigation for the site. 
  • Wetlands Investigation – E2PM evaluated the perimeter of the site for the presence of wetlands.

Since the time of E2PM’s involvement, the Long Slip Channel has been filled in as part of a Long Slip Fill and Rail Enhancement project

Aerial view of former Long Slip Channel (Credit: City of Hoboken - Hoboken Yard Redvelopment Plan)
E2PM's John Ferrante conducting site investigations
Original Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad (DL&W) Long Slip Canal (Credit: Library of Congress)