E2PM was contracted by the Peconic Land Trust for the preparation of a comprehensive Facility Restoration Plan and NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) permit renewal for the Plock Shellfisher Preserve, an aquaculture facility located at North Bayview Road in Township of Southold, New York.  

The Shellfisher Preserve is an operational marine culture facility that has contributed to the revitalization of the shellfish industry along Long Island, New York. Due to weather and wave interactions, many of the facilities at the property had been damaged or eroded and in need of repair. Peconic Land Trust worked with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Suffolk County’s Marine program, and received a grant from the National Grid Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), to restore the shellfish facility.

This project involved eight (8) areas that required restoration including a box jetty and inlet bulkheads, tidal and hatchery lagoon shorelines, the beach shoreline, the lagoon peninsula, the weir/wave break, and the access road to the property.  E2PM’s involvement with this project included the development of a comprehensive restoration plan to repair and upgrade the infrastructure and to obtain a new New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) permit that will allow for continued operations of their facility. 

E2PM was responsible for the following tasks: updating topographic and boundary survey; conducting coastal wetland delineation; preparing condition assessments; completing a detailed facility Inspection and data gathering; identifying current NYS DEC Permit Requirements and Southold Trustee permits and approvals; preparing design and maintenance plans for the Box Jetty Bulkhead and for the repairs to the shorelines; preparing and compiling the supporting engineering and environmental reports; and filing all NYS DEC Permits.