E2PM was directly involved in a NJ Pinelands Commission Access Road Restoration Project in Medford Township, Burlington County and Waterford Township, Camden County, New Jersey. 

This project involved the removal of several existing culverts and replacement of same with forded crossings, in addition to lowering the elevation of the existing electrical transmission infrastructure access road for purpose of re-establishing hydraulic connectivity between two very large expanses of wetlands through which runs the access road and transmission line. 

E2PM was retained to provide project design and permitting (County SCD approvals) followed by construction/environmental oversight and daily monitoring throughout the course of the project.  

During excavation activities, E2PM identified hibernating northern redbelly, southern ringneck and northern water snakes within the existing access road.  Those snakes were collected and transported to a wildlife rehabilitation facility, in accordance with NJDEP ENSP protocols where they were over-wintered in simulated hibernacula and then released at the capture point during typical emergence (mid-April – mid-May).  

The project recieved final approved by both the NJ Pinelands Commission and the NJDEP.