E2PM was retained by Prospect Park Alliance for civil and structural engineering services for a proposed new permanent fabric enclosure to existing tennis courts located at 50 Parkside Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, otherwise known as the “Prospect Park Tennis Center.”  

The proposed improvements consist of constructing a new two-story tennis center building, removing the existing white plastic dome bubbles covering the existing tennis courts, and constructing a new permanent partial enclosure structure around the existing tennis courts with a new foundation system and associated utility improvements.

Throughout this ongoing project E2PM is providing project management, schematic design and design development services, Construction Documentation services, Permit Filing and Bidding services, Construction Administration services, On-Site Meetings and Inspections, Weekly Progress Meetings with clients, Stormwater Design and Analysis, SWPP Inspections, Project Specifications, Geotechnical Investigations. 

Details on of this project can be found on the Prospect Park Alliance website here.

Existing Tennis Center Building (Photo Credit: Prospect Park Alliance)