E2PM has assisted a major utility client with several engineering, environmental and permitting tasks during the initial planning and development stages of a large regional wind project in Southern New Jersey. 

E2PM tasks included civil engineering design and environmental permitting plans for two major onshore underground transmission cable routes; investigations of transmission cable routes that traverse through environmentally sensitive areas, under major waterways, local, County and State highways; and civil site plan design of substations, equipment locations, site grading, access drive alignments, drainage and design of the on-site stormwater management facilities. It also included applications for local Planning Board, County Planning Board and Soil Conservation District approvals and the review and comment on Permit Plans prior to submission to the NJDEP Division of Land Resource Protection and the USACE Philadelphia District. 

Representative Substation within the Project Area

The project also required siting and feasibility assessments, site grading and drainage plans, soil erosion and sediment control plans, construction details, environmental impact studies, engineering and permitting drawings for stormwater management and erosion control, stormwater management design and supporting calculations, flood hazard engineering reports, environmental and permit analyses, and Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) reviews. 

E2PM was responsible for reviewing and commenting on permit application materials prepared for submission to both the NJDEP and USACE, ensuring that all permits (Upland and In-water Waterfront Development Individual Permits, Coastal Wetland Individual Permits, and Freshwater Wetland Individual Permits for the NJDEP applications and Individual Permit for the USACE applications) were prepared in accordance with the applicable Rules and corresponding application forms and checklists.