E2PM began its involvement with the “Riverwalk Crossings” Brownfield Redevelopment project with the Perth Amboy Redevelopment Authority (PARA) in the City of Perth Amboy, New Jersey in 2007. This project involved a 9-acre vacant property along Sheridan Street with a majority of the property occupied by the Former IGI Petroleum Company.  Over 14 lots (10 acres) are to be disturbed for the redevelopment of this multi-family residential housing complex with several mid-rise buildings containing more than 500 units with parking and recreational space.

This site is identified as a major Brownfields project as a result of historical operations (NJDEP ISRA Case #0922587) with the presence of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), volatile organic compounds, and base neutral semi-volatile compounds.

Riverwalk Crossings Rendering (Credit: Haley Donovan)

E2PM was initially retained to provide regulatory and technical support, as well as a series of other environmental services through the present day.  Services have included review of existing documentations, soil and groundwater sampling, soil excavation plans, remedial oversight and investigations, remedial action report (RAR) and Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP), underground storage tank (UST) closures, floating product removal, ground water monitoring, receptor evaluations (REs), site capping, Health & Safety Plan (HASP), stormwater and soil management plans, and deed notice and classification exception area (CEA) designation.  Mr. John Ferrante was retained as the LSRP of Record for the project and E2PM was engaged by the client in April 2012 to provide LSRP services, under all applicable NJDEP regulations and guidelines.  E2PM has assisted with bringing the site into regulatory compliance and correcting administrative deficiencies between the NJDEP listings for the designated “north” and “south” parcels of the former IGI Petroleum facility.  Additional services since that time included delineation plans for on-site PCBs (PCD Grid Sampling) and site redevelopment plans with remedial options and institutional and engineering controls. After several years of seeking approval for the redevelopment project at the site, the proposed site plan applications were approved on August 12, 2022.  E2PM is currently working with the US EPA and the NJDEP for the development of an amended RAW based on the recently approved development.  Remediation began in 2023 with E2PM involved in pre-remediation site preparation, PCB remediation of soils, Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) removal, groundwater investigation / remediation, soil disposal/waste classification and remediation oversight. All tasks are required to remediate the site per NJDEP/EPA requirements to allow for site redevelopment.

In 2015, E2PM was further retained to provide the site and civil engineering design and pre-construction services for the redevelopment of the site.  The current redevelopment was proposed to include the consolidation and subdivisions of several lots on several different blocks, the construction of five new multi-story residential buildings, a new park, new observation pavilion and two new street extensions with associated streetscape, site lighting and landscaping.  Once E2PM was retained to perform these additional services, E2PM’s engineers have assisted during all the following phases: Schematic/Conceptual Design (SD); Design Development (DD); Construction Documents (CD); Bidding, Negotiation and Permitting, and Construction Administration (CA).  Overall tasks throughout the duration of the project include preparing Conceptual Site Plan Design; Site Plan Preparation; PARA Redevelopment Application; Stormwater Management Design & Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Design; Wetlands delineations, submitting NJDEP Coastal applicability jurisdictional determination, submitting NJDEP Flood hazard area applicability determination, submitting NJDEP Letter of Interpretation (LOI) for line verification for E2PM wetland delineation line and mapped coastal wetlands, Landscape Design; Site Lighting; Planning Board Approvals; Boundary & Topographic Surveying.  This project obtained City of Perth Amboy Planning Board approval in December of 2022 and remains an ongoing project.