E2PM’s professional staff were retained to provide engineering services for site plan and subdivision approval for a two-family residential development in Morristown, New Jersey.  The project area was divided into three (3) separate vacant lots with a single 2-family residential dwelling proposed for each, along with a paved driveway and parking area with other related improvements.  

This project included an application to Morristown that consisted of parking, stormwater, lighting and landscape design, and required bulk variance relief. E2PM was responsible for the preparation of engineering site plans for the development.  Tasks completed by E2PM included:

  • Preparing preliminary and final Site Plan preparation with all three lots submitted under one application.
  • Assisting the client and attorney with completion of technical portions of the application forms and coordinating for submittal of application to the Town and Morris County Planning Boards.
  • Preparing a stormwater management plan in accordance with NJDEP and Town requirements.
  • Attending coordination meetings with the client and project team during site plan preparation.
  • Preparing exhibits and attending meetings with the Planning Board/Technical Review Committee to present the application and provide expert testimony.
  • Preparing and submitting an application to the Morris County Soil Conservation District for certification.