As part of a Statewide Vegetation Maintenance Project, E2PM was retained to be directly involved with two (2) wetland mitigation projects for a major utility client involving tree removal in forested freshwater wetlands that would require mitigation.  

E2PM was particularly involved in the commencement and completion of the Solters Creek Wetland Mitigation Project in Salem County NJ and Great Swamp Mitigation Project in Morris County, NJ.  

E2PM secured land easements and rights necessary for the permitting, construction, maintenance and monitoring of the NJDEP-approved mitigation projects to satisfy the compensatory wetland mitigation requirements. 

These projects also included aquatic pesticide application permits, securing required plant materials; site preparation; installation of approved plant materials and seeding; installation of deer protection/exclusion fencing; installation of ditch plugs; installation of wildlife habitat enhancements and bedding; coordination and supervision of all work to be performed; field meetings; Site Specific Health and Safety Plan preparation; construction support and oversight; progress reporting; project management. 

Solters Creek Mitigation / Tree Planting
Osprey Nest Construction