E2PM was retained to provide site plan development and civil engineering services to redevelop a 1.5 acre site bordered by Plainfield Avenue, South Second Street and West Third Street, located in the Plainfield Avenue Mixed Use District Redevelopment Area in the City of Plainfield, New Jersey.

This project involved the construction of a one-story, 26,000 square foot State of the Art child care (youth center) facility named “South Second Street Youth Center” for the schooling and care of 180 children from the ages of three to five years old and 60 children of elementary school age in an after school enrichment program. The site includes parking for teachers and visitors as well as a 5,300 square foot playground area for the children.  

E2PM services throughout this project included: Site Planning, Data Gathering, and Zoning Reviews; Zoning Analysis and Zoning Plan Development; Conceptual Site Plan Development; Site Plan Preparation for Zoning Approval; Stormwater Management Design; Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Design and Permitting; Planning/Zoning Board Approvals; Detailed Site Plan Design and Construction Support.

Information pertaining to this new State of the Art Facility project,  including a full gallery of the completed building directly from the SSYC, can be viewed here.  

Rendering of the SSYC facility
Completed Facility