E2PM was retained by the Sunrise House Treatment Center to conduct oversight of several asbestos abatement activities within boiler and janitor rooms at their facility in Lafayette, New Jersey.  Once a monastery, the Sunrise House is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility operating for more than 40 years.

The purpose of this project was to ensure that the abatement activities follow all state, federal and local regulations and that all materials are properly disposed.  E2PM managed and assigned resources as needed to ensure that Sunrise House met the desired project objectives and schedules.  E2PM subcontracted the abatement work to a qualified asbestos abatement contractor.  All air monitoring was performed by a licensed asbestos project monitor.   E2PM tasks included Asbestos Abatement, Third Party Final Air Clearance/Air Monitoring, Abatement Closeout Documentation and Project Management/Oversight.

Sunrise House Treatment Center (Credit: Goodtherarpy.org)
Abatement activities in boiler room