Past Performance is the BEST indicator of future success!  An overall perspective of E2PM’s performance is reflected by the firm’s success in growing in a very competitive marketplace and its effectiveness in reducing costs. E2PM has steadily grown by 20 to 25 percent each year and has reduced internal costs during the same period by 25 percent. The business community has recognized this superior performance and routinely cites E2PM as a top firm in their disciplines in publications such as Fortune and Forbes.

"The E2PM team has been my go-to for consulting services. They are knowledgeable and are able to deliver quality work products in a straightforward manner. In particular, in the last year with Covid and remote meetings, the E2PM team has been able to support the team as we were determining how best to stay on track with our ongoing infrastructure products. The E2PM team was critical to our success in staying on track.”
~ Confidential Utility Client
Project Managers
"Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) has been working directly and indirectly with E2PM for over ten years. As BBP’s on call engineers they provide trusted expertise on a complicated waterfront site. E2PM continuously puts the client first, always taking into consideration time and cost when presenting their opinions. Engineers at E2PM are easy to work with and are extremely practical with a solid knowledge of constructability. Their pricing is fair and any changes in scope are communicated clearly and in a timely fashion."
~ Lindsay Ross
Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation
“This was a huge project that covered a large portion of Pennsylvania. Like any project of this size there were unexpected problems. E2PM was there every step of the way. At every job conference, every special meeting. E2PM was responsive and gave good advice when it came to change orders and unexpected problems."
~ Karl Maul
PA DCNR, Bureau of Forestry
"John and Marco are an outstanding team. This project, which was a coordinated effort with the Federal Government, was extremely complex. Numerous permits were obtained, drawings prepared, and coordination amongst all contractors, stakeholders, and community was required. For many years, there were a lot of wheels turning to get to the point of finalizing this restoration. The entire time E2PM was available and kept costs under control. The project took a lot longer than anticipated, due to COVID-19 and other factors, so they deserve credit in not going over budget."
~ Matthew Swain
Peconic Land Trust
"Outstanding Performance: Deliverables required little to no revisions. All costs were kept within the required budget constraints.
~ Ronald Young
US Dept of Agriculture - NRCS
“Communication was exemplary, service was nothing but spectacular. Scott Wieczorek is an excellent professional that addressed our needs beyond our satisfaction. We hope to continue the work on shipwrecks in Middlesex County and other historic preservation and archaeological needs."
~Douglas Aumack
Middlesex County Division of History and Historic Preservation
“I have been an environmental coordinator since 2005 and have used GCE, TriLeaf, ATC, and EBI among others. No one delivers like Christopher Lanna and his team…… E2PM brings such quality, professionalism, ease of use, customer satisfaction, reliability, and general performance that it has never been a question. The deliverables are consistently excellent...”
~ Marc Harris
TK Design Associates (for Verizon / T-Mobile)
“Mark Patalive is professional in all aspects of the job. Works very hard for both the client and the contractor and is open minded to subjection and solutions due to onsite conditions and concerns by both sides. He remediates and provides answers in expedient manner in order to keep the job going which at the end of the day saves the client money by not costing the contractor money!”
~ David Stroud
All Terrain Excavating, Inc.
“I have had a professional relationship with E2PM for over 10 years. I consider the firm to be a partner in project strategy rather than just a consultant. They leverage their experience and rapport with regulatory agencies for the benefit of projects. We continually tap E2PM for time sensitive projects on complex problems because they are reliable and keep us advised on all critical junctures. This is crucial for utility companies when service outages are planned well in advance for project execution, but also to fix unscheduled outages as fast as possible."
~ Confidential Utility Client
Project Manager