E2PM provided a range of engineering services for a proposed multi-family townhouse development in Madison, New Jersey.   This development was connected by an access drive to an adjacent lot with existing townhouse structures.  E2PM managed and assigned resources to this project to ensure all work is performed in accordance with State and local requirements. 


E2PM responsibilities included preparing boundary and topographic surveys of the property to assist in the development of Site Plan drawings. Following survey preparation, E2PM developed Site Plan drawings based off client provided concept plans with details for the proposed site improvements, including grading, drainage, and parking. E2PM also assisted with obtaining approvals from the Madison Board of Adjustments and other review agencies.  A full list of responsibilities included:


  • Prepared Boundary and Topographic survey
  • Reviewed municipal zoning and land use ordinances and performed zoning analysis to confirm conformance with Borough requirements.
  • Preliminary and Final Site plan preparations
  • Assisted the client and their attorney with completion of technical portions of application forms, and coordinating for submittal of application to the Borough and to the Morris County Planning Boards
  • Prepared comprehensive stormwater management and landscape design plans
  • Provided expert engineering testimony for approval
  • Prepared and submitted an application to the Morris County Soil Conservation District for certification.