E2PM was retained to provide multi-discipline services for the replacement of 49 electrical lattice transmission towers with new Y-frame monopoles to carry 230kV electrical conductors through a 52-mile transmission corridor from a switching station in the Borough of Roseland to a substation in the Township of Hopewell. The project involves replacements of aging infrastructure in 17 municipalities spanning Essex, Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon, and Mercer counties

Throughout the project, E2PM staff  prepared and submitted applications for Site Plan approval, zoning permits and/or exemption requests; provided professional planning testimony at several Planning and Zoning Board hearings in support of variances and design exceptions required for the project, along with follow up efforts to attain resolution compliance and post-performance bonds and inspection escrows. E2PM also prepared applications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control. A portion of the transmission corridor was located within the jurisdiction of the Delaware & Raritan Canal Commission (DRCC) resulting in the preparation of an application for stormwater impact and visual impact review to the DRCC for its consideration.


Example Lattice Tower to be replaced
Example Y-frame Monopole Upgrade