E2PM professionals were retained to provide a range of engineering services for a Two-Family Development in Morris Township, New Jersey.  

The project included the construction of two (2) family dwellings, each on lots of 7,500 square feet.  A former building on the property was removed for the new development.  Other site improvements included two new asphalt driveways extending to new building garages and parking spaces; brick paver walkways; tree plantings and landscaping.  

The application was reviewed and approved by the Zoning Board of Adjustment and will provide needed housing stock to the Township.  This construction of two new two-family houses increased the housing stock in Morris Township, as well as continued the trend of upgrading the housing along Martin Luther King Avenue. The successful application met the needs and expectations of the property owner who will reside in one of the new units and will rent the remaining units.

E2PM was responsible for the following tasks throughout this project:

  • Preparing boundary and topographic surveys
  • Preparing a Variance Plan
  • Preparing a Lot Grading Plan
  • Revising plans to reflect modified parking layouts
  • Visiting the site and researching multi-family uses within the neighborhood.
  • Preparing exhibits for Board of Adjustment meeting
  • Preparing a Landscape Plan
  • Attending additional Board of Adjustment meeting and providing expert engineering and planning testimony
  • Preparing Dry Well Systems Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Plan for stormwater system
  • Completing survey stake outs of foundations and set benchmarks
  • Set rebar for installation of building foundations
  • Locating constructed foundation and preparing foundation location surveys
  • Submitting Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Certification with the Morris County Soil Conservation District