As part of numerous proposed upgrades and expansions to existing electrical substations and transmission lines located throughout the State of New Jersey, E2PM was retained to delineate the boundaries of freshwater wetlands and State open waters on various existing substation facilities and along electrical transmission rights-of-way and easements.   

As part of the delineations, E2PM collected and recorded all necessary data (vegetation, soil profile, and surficial hydrological descriptions) for inclusion in the subsequent Letter of Interpretation (LOI) applications.  As required, various freshwater wetland, coastal zone management area, and flood hazard area permits as well as Green Acres Major Diversions of Parkland were prepared, submitted to, and obtained from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Department of Land Resource Protection (formerly Land Use Regulation) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (New York and Philadelphia Districts), as applicable.  Dependent on the local municipal preliminary and final site plan approval process, E2PM would provide municipal-level environmental impact statements and environmental assessments as well as in-field tree surveys and subsequent tree removal and replacement plans in accordance with Ordinance requirements.