Since 2005, E2PM has had extensive experience in providing a full spectrum of services for some of the largest providers of U.S. public communications service, such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint Spectrum LP, Nextel Communications Inc., The New AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Transcend Wireless, and others. 

Several E2PM staff have over 20+ years of experience supporting the telecommunications industry through their engineering designs, acquisition, construction management, inspection and maintenance for all types including New build towers/monopoles/treepoles, collocations, rooftop or water tank mounts and utility tower mounts.   More recently, E2PM has become heavily involved in small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS) and 5G utility pole replacement projects throughout the states of New Jersey and New York.  Many of the project sites have been located on electrical transmission towers, on/within other utility properties, demolished or vacant lands, disturbed/urban lands and residential and commercial properties of various types. 

E2PM continuously provides traditional civil and structural engineering services, environmental due diligence consulting and remedial investigations, land surveying, asbestos and lead investigations and abatements, ecological services (wetlands investigations), environmental permitting, NEPA Compliance and Cultural Resource Consultation (Section 106 Consultation). 

Throughout the course of many telecommunications projects, there have been many properties and rights of way that have required a range of surveying services depending on the location of the site.   Services have included Boundary / Topographic Surveys, Topographic preparations of easements and descriptions, Title Reviews, Surveying of Wetlands, Construction Stakeout, Tree Surveying, FAA 1A Surveys, Flood Certification Form Preparation and Utility right of way surveys.  

E2PM natural resource services for the wireless telecommunications industry are provided often for the purpose of ensuring that all projects are  compliant with State and Federal agency requirements.  The multitude of services provide by E2PM includes completion of wetland investigations and delineations, preparation of freshwater wetland Letters of Interpretations (LOI’s), General Freshwater Wetlands Permits, and various types of Transition Area Waivers as well as Coastal General Permit No. 21 – Construction of Telecommunication Towers.  In addition, as required as part of the permit approval process, E2PM has completed numerous rare (threatened and endangered) species surveys and habitat evaluation for several of NJ’s species, including various woodland raptors and timber rattlesnakes.  When various rare or otherwise protected raptors (i.e. NJ State-threatened Osprey) have nested on existing tower/monopole structures, E2PM has conducted nest surveys documenting nest use and fledge dates for the purpose of determining Agency-approved work window(s).  In addition to State permitting, E2PM routinely prepares NEPA Compliance Documentation and Environmental Impact Statements for sites that require same.  E2PM’s Natural Resources Division works closely with design engineers to determine if any given site design can be modified to avoid impacts to natural resources, thus streamlining or even eliminating the permit approval process.  

E2PM staff have successfully aided in the completion of thousands of deliverables for wireless facilities to its clients’ respective markets throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.  These projects require full involvement with municipalities and counties throughout all phases of the project and in accordance with most stringent Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) guidelines.